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iPad Academy in Hull – Supporting teachers with tools to demonstrate and evidence student progress

iPad Academy in Hull 2nd Event

Date and times: 1st April 1pm – 3:30 and twilight session 3:45 – 4:45pm

Host school:  Winifred Holtby Academy, Midmere Avenue, Hull HU7 4PW

Join us again as we recap on the impact of the tools showcased at the first iPad Academy, to support literacy development, and focus on evidencing and demonstrating student progress using iPad tools.

Neil Skipper will again be leading the iPad Academy sessions as our Apple ‘APD’ Authorised Trainer, with an agenda tailored to meet our fundamental aim shared in January:

To create a teaching network to facilitate innovation and creativity with iPad, with a priority to improve the quality of teaching & learning.”


The afternoon session will facilitate the collaborative approach to share vision and ideas that teachers found useful at the first event.   We’ve also added more workshop time to consider individual priorities, intended outcomes and action plans.

There’ll be hands-on activity time to work together to plan and link themes with colleagues from other schools.

For this event we’re grateful to the individual teachers at Winifred Holtby Academy who will be sharing a series of ‘project snapshots‘.

We’ll use these school-based examples to start our collaborative planning with iPad tools to support evidencing student progress:

  • Coaching and mentoring teacher programme using iPods and Iris
  • Theme-based learning project using Explain everything
  • Supporting assessment and individualised learning with Edmodo
  • Reinforcing Science skills and evidencing progress with iMovie
  • Evidencing a portfolio of activity in Technology using Creative Book Builder
  • Improving personal performance in PE using video analysis with Ubersense
  • Focussing on student behaviour through positive rewards with Class dojo

The twilight session between 3.45pm – 4.45pm will focus on how to setup and manage iOS devices in an educational context.  Teachers have requested that we include coverage of a base set of Apps and consider a ‘toolkit for teachers’ when implementing these technologies in a learning setting.

Look forward to sharing ideas with you again at either session, or both!

Don’t forget to email Neil or Russell with your intention to join us.


iPad Academy Part One. What happens next?

Wow!  Today we launched iPad Academy in Hull, with teachers from schools across the city collaborating to focus on changing pedagogy when implementing iPad in school.

The fundamental aim was to create a teaching network to facilitate innovation and creativity with iPad, with a priority to improve the quality of teaching & learning.  

Everybody that attended said that they’d recommend the session to colleagues, so we’ll continue with this format with plenty of time to share ideas and plan collectively, and also with the opportunity for practical activities.

What did teachers like and what will continue?

  1. “Quality of content and well thought out material designed to enhance T&L”
  2. “Being able to discuss with other staff what they do with iPad”
  3. “Interactivity of the session”
  4. “Ideas to try!”
  5. “Talking to other schools and hearing (and seeing) what they do with Ebooks”

The first change for some of us was to learn that Apple’s collective term (plural) for a set of these devices should be iPad and not iPads.  Just needed to flag that up as we’re focussing on literacy!

What do our teachers hope to achieve and learn from an iPad Academy for the city?

We’ve started to use ‘Padlet’ as a tool to share online at Padlet for iPad Academy in Hull. Here’s a taster of expectations from some teachers below:

  1. “I want to consolidate learning.”
  2. “I want to use iPad more effectively to improve the quality of T&L.”
  3. “I want to engage our students with literacy. Those students who say they don’t like reading or writing but do LOVE iPad!”
  4. “I want to embed iPad rather than substitute a laptop for them.”

Resources for iPad Academy in Hull

Teachers appreciated the online shared materials that will be expanded as the project moves through the year.  We’re also going to look at a request for a ‘Teacher Toolkit’ to support staff with planning and implementing iPad and looking to use particular tools, apps or approaches for the first time.

Here are a selection of comments and questions about ongoing support and CPD opportunities:

  1. How can we support a teacher looking to use the Flipped Learning approach with a group of Y7 students and evaluate it’s impact on their learning?
  2. What can be shared from colleagues who have already used Flipped Learning?
  3. What’s the process for a teacher using a class set of online textbooks through RM Books?
  4. How about a project to create and publish an eBook for a particular audience?
  5. Can we look at transition activities and parental engagement?

These are a couple of examples of what can be included in CPD plans during this next half term, alongside supporting a school’s strategy to deliver their vision for learning.  In the meantime, please click on the images below to view or download the resources shared during today’s session.

Here’s Neil’s presentation on Slideshare:

Slideshare Image

Visit the Academy’s resources with Pearltrees here:


Look out for future Tweets here:


What next?

Here are a selection of comments, but we’ll review all of the suggestions, particularly from those teachers who couldn’t attend, and publish the next agenda shortly.  Any more ideas?!

  1. “More 1:1 practice”
  2. “Maths stuff!”
  3. “Longer time for workshop sessions”
  4. “Focus on sharing work and printing”
  5. “Shared planning to encourage independent learning”
  6. “More practical ideas with Apple TV”

Thanks again to the teachers from Kingswood Academy who kindly agreed to host the session and made us feel so welcome 🙂

Neil iPad Academy

See you on 1st April at Winifred Holtby.  Agenda to follow!

“Inspiring the digital creators of tomorrow – Teaching computational thinking through magic”

For this event we’ll be using iPad technology with a magical focus to teach computational thinking.  In particular, we’ll be looking at exciting learning through the concept of algorithms.

Winifred Holtby Academy have kindly volunteered to host this whole-day event on Wednesday 18th June 2014.

top hat

As ever, students will be joined by a teacher from their own school who will be actively participating in the group projects throughout the day.  This time each teacher will be able to take away a copy of teaching resources in an E-book format to deliver, adapt and expand the sessions back at their own schools.

Event Overview (for students & teachers)

  • Using the art of magic to teach key principles of computer science and computational thinking
  • Use of iPad technology for learning with CPD opportunities for teachers
  • Based on material from the eBook, The Conjurer’s Classroom
  • Each section will focus on a different challenge using iPad tools

Conjurer's Classroom

iPad as a creativity tool to support Literacy across the Curriculum

Here’s the finalised agenda for our first iPad Academy afternoon in Hull on Tuesday 28th January (1pm – 3.30pm).

The twilight session between 3.45 – 4.45pm continues to be ‘iPad to support dynamic teaching opportunities and collaborative learning communities’. 

The host school is Kingswood Academy (Wawne Road, Bransholme HU7 4WR) for this first event.

Neil will lead and explain, using examples from schools he’s supported as an Apple APD, how project-based learning approaches have inspired students to become authors and publishers using apps and resources such as iBook Author, Book Creator and blogging tools.

For those of you bringing along your own iPad for the workshop elements, these are the apps that Neil will be using: