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Ambitious Artbots at a Primary School Careers Day

For the school promoting and linking 4 defined values into everything they plan, the careers day for ‘Ambition’ was to include an activity sharing opportunities in STEM related fields.

Each child had the chance to get hands after exploring a different job explained by a visitor to the school, and they were immersed in 7 different roles throughout the day.

What’s more, classes were changed to groups of mixed aged children (4 – 11 year olds), who collaborated throughout the day.

The end result?

200 children collaborating with peers to showcase an artistic output, by creatively solving problems and learning more about design iteration through teamwork.

In half an hour, they consider circuits and design with us to build a robot capable of drawing a piece of art.

No human hands allowed in the artwork – that was pure ARTBOT work!

Robot inventions, building, testing, debugging, testing, design changes…….digital making skills explored on the day and now showcased for the whole school community to see. In school.