iPad Academy in Hull

Programme outline:

Neil will be leading the project and guiding the CPD model using his vast experience in this specialist area.

Now accredited as an Apple Professional Development (APD) authorised trainer, his input will be instrumental as we collaborate to share ideas and experiences across the city and gain more understanding into best practice nationally and internationally. 

Some schools are looking towards subject champions or individual teachers currently using, or looking to use, iPad across the curriculum to join the network.   Others are using the strategic network opportunities for SLT members to share practice through the project.

Summary of intended outcomes:

  • To facilitate creativity by supporting teachers when selecting appropriate resources and apps to give an opportunities for alternative assessment and learning pathways.
  • To create a network of support to assist with change management.
  • Increased collaborative opportunities for both teachers and students.
  • Time for reflection will be a key factor towards the successful outcomes of this project. We will set out to support teachers’ own decisions on changing practice and give opportunities to look back, analyse and rethink how some teaching and learning was planned and delivered before using iPad.
  • We will include milestones in school CPD action plans which highlight the pace to which each project is introduced, rolled out and evaluated.

iPad Academy in Hull

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