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Animation 15 – The 8th Annual UK Schools Computer Animation Competition

Another term starts and another Animation competition from Manchester University launches!

animation mix

Click on the image for more details

Last year some of our schools submitted animations created by students, during projects designed in lessons or through enrichment activities, to enter this competition from the University’s School of Computer Science.

The competition is open to all 7-19 students who will  design and create a 1-minute animated film on their computer.  With an opportunity to win some great prizes, too 🙂

Animation 3

This year we’ll be encouraging more teachers in Hull to submit entries which can be created through a wide range of software.  This could include Scratch, Adobe Flash, Alice, Autodesk 3D Studio Max, Autodesk Maya, Blender, KoolMoves, Lightwave, Serif DrawPlus or SWiSH Max4.

pic-7 animation

The deadline for submitting entries is Friday 20 March 2015.  Teachers can register on the website and receive Animation 15 display posters for their school.

Rules and FAQ can be found here.

Animation 14 – the deadline is approaching :)

Just a quick reminder that one minute animations, created by 7 – 19 year old students, need to be submitted by 28th March 2014.

Animation 14

For more details, click here for an earlier blog post or go to the Animation 14 site itself for resources and guidelines.

Some students are using a range of software during enrichment activities, including Scratch and Adobe Flash, which could be eligible for entry.   Each student will receive a certificate if their entry is submitted.  Check out the website for further details about the Awards Day in July and prizes for each category.

Good luck!

Jamboree 2014 – Unlocking the learning potential of the Raspberry Pi computer


At the end of this month the International Raspberry Jamboree 2014 will be hosted in Manchester.

Running over three days, it gives a fantastic opportunity to meet teachers teaching Computing and to discover the potential of the Raspberry Pi computer through hands-on practical sessions and an agenda which includes keynote speakers.  

The format and sessions are even more ambitious than last year, although 2013 was significant when Amy Mather gave a presentation about projects that she’d completed outside of school.  She was 14 years old at the time.

Over 50,000 views on YouTube later, and now with a digital award, Amy has since been asked to co-present with leading figures in the world of Computing.  Click on the image below to see the video.


Amy will be attending again this year, and don’t forget that we’re looking for inspiring students from Hull who can show how they’ve worked individually or in small groups to use code with Raspberry Pi.

Deadline for the STEM Competition with a Pi project is before the May half term break, when we look forward to showcasing and celebrating creativity, innovation and imagination through computer science.  More details on a previous blog post.

I know that some of you have expressed an interest to attend, but please do contact me if you’d like any further details about this Jamboree event.  We’ve also got Alan joining us in Hull for ‘Day 1’ of the ‘Delivering an outstanding GCSE Computing’ course at Winifred Holtby on 12th February.  As the event organiser, we’re sure to be talking about the CPD opportunities on the agenda!

I’ll be attending the event in Manchester and also taking a small team of Y3 children to the Saturday ‘Family Day’ at Edge Hill University. This Jam Hack Day will host up to 300 students, teachers, parents, and computing enthusiasts who will join together to learn and problem solve in teams.

If you’d like to join us please get in touch, or if you’d like to enter your own team with members of your school Pi or Coding Club, then you’ll find details here.


OCR Raspberry Jamboree 2014

The OCR Raspberry Jamboree draft timetable is linked on the event page above

Jam Hack Day

Education Innovation Conference and Exhibition

raspberry pi


STEM Competition for Students – Projects using Raspberry Pi mini-computers

Have you heard about the student from Cambridge who’s enthusiasm for Computing and Raspberry Pi has led him to create help guides and videos through his own website and YouTube channel?

Raspberry Pi Guy

Raspberry Pi Guy‘ is in fact a 14 year old student called Matthew who’s latest video celebrating the Pi’s second birthday has just ‘gone viral’.  Since uploading 6 days ago it’s been viewed over 27,000 times (and now probably more!).  Click on the image above to see Matthew’s website and click here to view this latest video.

We’re looking for students in Hull, like Matthew, who can show how they’ve worked individually or in small groups to use code with Raspberry Pi.   We want to showcase and celebrate creativity, innovation and imagination through computer science.

Have you got a Coding Club or a Pi Club already in school with projects ready to submit?

Would you like support and guidance to set up a Computing Club?  Let us know and we’ll add it to the CPD plan.

We’re proud to be sponsoring the Raspberry Pi Competition which forms part of HETA’s BIG BANG SCIENCE FAIR.   More information is on this link, which describes activities locally and how the event culminates in June with the opportunity for over 2,500 students from across the Yorkshire and Humber region to visit an interactive exhibition that aims to engage young people in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths) subjects.

Deadline for Raspberry Pi projects is the week before half term at the end of May.   Details of projects will need to be submitted to Niki Bardsley at HETA using .

The competition is open to all schools in Yorkshire and Humber.

In the meantime, we’ll be asking you about ongoing Raspberry Pi projects in school and how you’ll be joining in with the KS3 Jam at Andrew Marvell in March!

Pi in the Sky for Hull Schools?

Well I haven’t come across a Raspberry Pi in the Sky project in one of our schools, yet, but there’s lots of creativity being planned across the city with these mini-computers.

A small group of our teachers received some training before Christmas to support with using Raspberry Pi to deliver the curriculum and through coding clubs for extended student projects.

The aim of the day was to find out what a Pi was, what it wasn’t, how they could be used for learning and why.   A big ask?

One teacher commented about the ‘Well planned and organised day“, whilst another said it was “An absolute inspirational boost that many people need“.   Have you added CPD to support the new curriculum with Pi into your development plans yet?

Here’s a snapshot of comments from teachers.  You’ll see that technology’s not always the best medium to collate ideas!


Pi 2 Pi 3

There’s another opportunity for CPD at the ‘KS3 Raspberry Jam’ in Hull on 20th March.  Look out for the earlier blog post with more information, and register yourself and 3 students to attend the day at Andrew Marvell Business and Enterprise College.   It’ll be another opportunity to observe Alan O’Donohoe’s inspiring delivery and network with colleagues and STEM Ambassadors across the city about ideas for an engaging Computing curriculum.

Want inspiration for student projects using Pi?

Babbage Bear

The Pi Group from Andrew Marvell will be displaying their projects and activities throughout the day and there’ll be the chance to ask them about their next steps with Pi and Lego. They’ve also kindly agreed to film the day for us, using Raspberry Pi (of course!), which means that a time-lapse video will be available as a resource afterwards.

We’ll be capturing ideas from all of our schools on the day and sharing great examples of innovative projects.

I know that some of you are starting and continuing with clubs and projects this term, so it’ll be another great opportunity to collaborate.  Need some support?  We’ll add it to the CPD plan!

What will you call your Pi Bear at your school?   Will it still be Babbage once the students learn about more Computing legends?  Ada seems like a popular choice at the moment!

Hope to see you at the Jam!

Animation 14 – The 7th Annual UK Schools Computer Animation Competition

Animation 14

Have you put your school on the Animation 14 map yet?


Individual students or small groups can create and submit an original key-frame computer animation, up to one minute in length, using eligible software.  That could be Alice, Flash, Scratch, Blender, Autodesk 3D Studio Max, Autodesk Maya, or Serif DrawPlus.

Prizes are awarded by age category (KS2, KS3, KS4 and KS5) and winners will be presented with their prizes at the Summer Animation Festival and Inspirational Computer Science Day, held at The University of Manchester.

For further details, registration information, resources and FAQ check out the Animation 14 website.

Deadline for entries is Friday 28th March 2014.

Good luck!