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Ambitious Artbots at a Primary School Careers Day

For the school promoting and linking 4 defined values into everything they plan, the careers day for ‘Ambition’ was to include an activity sharing opportunities in STEM related fields.

Each child had the chance to get hands after exploring a different job explained by a visitor to the school, and they were immersed in 7 different roles throughout the day.

What’s more, classes were changed to groups of mixed aged children (4 – 11 year olds), who collaborated throughout the day.

The end result?

200 children collaborating with peers to showcase an artistic output, by creatively solving problems and learning more about design iteration through teamwork.

In half an hour, they consider circuits and design with us to build a robot capable of drawing a piece of art.

No human hands allowed in the artwork – that was pure ARTBOT work!

Robot inventions, building, testing, debugging, testing, design changes…….digital making skills explored on the day and now showcased for the whole school community to see. In school.


Makerfest at The Amy Johnson Festival

Great to be involved with the first Makerfest in Hull, which was part of the Amy Johnson Festival.

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Working in the shadows of Amy’s moth, Jason, was the inspiring backdrop for STEAM activities throughout the day.

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The scribblebot challenge was ‘a low tech with lots of creative possibilities’ activity enjoyed by families and makers regardless of age or experiences with robot builds.

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Art robots were either created by individuals’ ideas or collaborations in small groups which were nurtured for each step of the making process. Intergenerational teams equipped those groups with the different skills needed to complete the build and showcase art.

Or scrapped altogether, inspired by the Amy theme, and turned into aviation flights of creativity instead!

More STEM to STEAM activities came from designing art on screen and seeing final designs painted using the Watercolorbot designed by teenage Sylvia.

Not a typo, but the US spelling for the invention brought to Kickstarter from America and which inspired so many makers of all ages in Hull on Saturday.

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We were also sharing news about the Hull Raspberry Jam community in the city and borrowed their Raspberry Pi photo booth.


More digital making workshops at their next Raspberry Jam meet up on Saturday 10th September. Registration link here for the event hosted at Malet Lambert.

Using Augmented Reality to visualise 2D sketches as 3D models

Planning maker projects, to extend learning opportunities with design for digital fabrication, has taken us back to tablets with new applications.

We’ve been looking to develop more ideas to support student projects over time, and to highlight maker education as another chance to combine digital literacy with physical computing across the curriculum.

Schools using 3D printers to design, prototype and showcase digital fabrication projects have linked previous projects into planning phases.

Just a couple of examples below, relating to environmental themed projects through physical computing (with Raspberry Pi) and now using the Quiver app to add support to visualise 2D sketches as 3D models.


And so to 3D:

Of course the recent Amy Johnson Festival in Hull has led to more inspiration and a little Summer tinkering, too.

More to follow 🙂