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Tech 4 Change Teachers’ Conference on Thursday 23 June

Increasing diversity and inclusion in tech to inspire our next generation of digital innovators.
Engage. Inspire. Collaborate. Share.

Register now for the 2nd annual Tech 4 Change conference on Thursday 23rd June.

We’re excited to be joined by Laura Higgins and Kate Bellingham, who will be delivering the keynotes focused around online safety and increasing participation in STEM subjects.

Our programme of workshops is booking up quickly, so if you’re looking to ‘Turn a digital vision into a Google reality’ or ‘Get hands-on with the BBC micro:bit’ you’ll need to be quick : )


Aimed at teachers, school leaders and educators working in primary, secondary, FE and community learning projects, the event blends together inspirational keynotes, practitioner led workshop sessions, and opportunities to build on local and national networks.


Throughout the day practical sessions will be themed around increasing diversity and inclusion in technology.  Workshops include:

  • Making sense of sensors and programming with the BBC micro:bit
  • Embedding a culture of literacy across the curriculum
  • Innovative technologies to support the wider curriculum
  • Online safety
  • Using cloud tools (from Google, Apple and Microsoft) to support teaching and learning in school
  • Getting hands-on with project ideas from computing curriculum planning with some of our special schools

We’ve also included another live Hackspace, where students and teachers will be collaborating to share creative computing projects and inspirations.

Collaborate to explore physical computing and programming using the BBC’s micro:bit, Raspberry Pi and others.  Imagination and creativity are the only prerequisites required.

Look forward to seeing you at this year’s Tech 4 Change!


Innovations and Game Making during National Careers Week

This week we’ve been supporting schools from the Hull Ready Hub through creative computing activities with Y5.


What opportunities does computing offer towards future employment choices?

Well, we didn’t have a crystal ball at Malet Lambert, as 240 Y5 learners and their teachers got involved at the Careers Ambition and Inspiration Day.  But we did offer workshop activities focused on collaboration, game making and problem solving.

Part of activities to mark National Careers Week included learner engagement activities with an inventive focus.  Looking at a Raspberry Pi mini computer provided opportunities to work together to invent new solutions beyond the input and output conversations started.

The children also got hands-on with game making and development activities using Scratch as they worked with older peers too to create further iterations of their ideas.

‘Made in Hull’ algorithms for 2017

What happens when you introduce a project for pupils to design, build and test an algorithm to share a local story to visitors about Hull?

Oh, and they have to wear their code with pride.  That’s because their messages need to be digitally displayed on a wearable tech device called a Codebug.

That was the challenge set by the Hull 2017 team and RM Education to a group of digital leaders from Spring Cottage and Malet Lambert schools.  Collaborating across Y5, 7 & 8, they worked in teams to design and communicate their stories. All part of events organised during National Careers Week.

An afternoon of creativity and fun (according to some) turned into problem solving and teamwork as the children tackled errors through their complexities.  Confident coding led to serious debugging tasks and in turn to successful projects shared.

Code Orange 🙂

Initial ideas at the 2 schools were shared in the small new teams and further projects extended and developed during the session.



Testing and debugging

It became evident to the groups that coding as a trio could lead to more ambitious outcomes once everybody’s ideas and skills were considered.  Whatever their age and if they had, or hadn’t in this case, worked together before.

What did the children enjoy about the project?

  • How we got to code with different people I didn’t know
  • I liked all the coding that we had to do and all the debugs we had to do
  • The girl who came from Malet Lambert let us decide
  • That we had to work together
  • Working as a team

Made in Code

And what about collaborating with students from another school?

  • That we work good in a group and we have more ideas
  • That at different schools they learn different things about coding
  • That it is fun to learn with other people
  • You can collaborate vary well with someone you haven’t met before
  • How to tell people how to do things!!

Team Smile

What did the children learn during the project?

  • That debugging is easier than I thought
  • How to make code more thoroughly
  • That you can wear your code
  • That you can do so many things with one tiny piece of technology
  • Teamwork





Sharing stories  



Wearables for wearables

Team photos were taken with a Raspberry Pi project as we continued the planning conversations about possibilities with inputs and outputs.

Smile : )

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