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Y4 children take on the ‘Scribblebot Challenge’ at Malet Lambert School for #GEWmakeit

This week we supported Malet Lambert School who hosted Hull Ready Hub’s first Enterprise Festival during Global Entrepreneurship Week.

The event focused on Hull as a City of Culture, Enterprising People, STEM and Digital, so we planned and delivered an activity used through the Research and Play project.


Hull Ready Hub Enterprise Festival

We challenged the visiting Y4 children (over 200 of them!) to ‘design and build a robot that’ll draw it’s own work of art’.

They collaborated through a Scribblebot Challenge and worked in pairs to explore computational thinking as they built their robot.  At the end of each 20 minute maker session we shared what each robot had created.

Children developed creative circuits and explored complexity using variables such as motors, switches and artistic additions to their design. Ice-lolly sticks became a favourite design addition!

The secret to success came with identifying ‘failures’ and using design iterations to improve their final robot creation. 

Final robot masterpiece were definite STEM to STEAM masterpieces.

Full photo gallery here

Exploring Hull 2017 with student voice during Global Entrepeneurship Week

We took Research and Play to the Guild Hall this week.

As part of Global Entrepreneurship Week we collaborated with the teams from major projects at Hull City Council and the City of Culture to challenge primary-aged children with STEM to STEAM learning activities.

Focusing on Hull 2017 as a smart city, we used smart technology to explore cultural icons and ‘fascinating fact finding’.

Using proximity sensors and circuits, created with electric paint and Bare Conductive’s Touchboard, children from primary schools across the city triggered sounds to find out more about their home city; past, present and future plans.

Fundamental to the day was the opportunity to capture student voice and actively involve children in activities using innovative tech.

Photo Gallery from the day here.