“If I can do it, so can you” – Conference Keynote from Dr Sue Black

For those of you who couldn’t join us at yesterday’s conference, here’s a snippet from Sue’s keynote which was recorded using a Raspberry Pi mini computer.  And if you’d like even more info then try here : )

Throughout the Hackspace students were involved and talking about various projects using Raspberry Pi and this particular one had been set up and coded to take photographs for a time-lapse project.

There was also an opportunity for a little bit of mischief with Raspberry Pi when the students planned with us to add a motion sensor to a secret camera assembled on a table top.  All part of the activity plan to share possible projects, of course.

Working with Gary they were investigating whether teachers would be tempted by chocolates on the table and then to look at the photographs captured to see if anybody had an extra sweet tooth.

Actually, if any hands looked like they had a sweet tooth as no faces were seen during this experiment!  Word is that nobody questioned why only one table had chocs and there were a couple of adults who managed to thoroughly test out the investigation……

IMG_7646     IMG_7647

Students and teachers collaborated on projects using electric paint, Raspberry Pi, Touchboard and Codebug throughout the day, thinking about how they could be incorporated and further developed back in school.

With activities trialled in the Hackspace each teacher left with a couple of projects to take back to school and share with colleagues.


                                Dots boards and electric paint

Lots of anticipation surrounding the Dots boards!


                 Digi Leaders explaining projects to Mil Vasic


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