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Research and Play: Breathing new life into Photosynthesis

Research and Play just got more creative as a set of Y10 Scientists from The Kingswood Academy join our project.


                            Research and Play

The school have been exploring circuits with Bare Conductive’s electric paint and developing investigations with Raspberry Pi for over a year now, so we’re thrilled that this group can join us to share ideas at the Technology for Change conference on Tuesday 7th July.

They’ve already started to plan projects to bring along on the day and, along with their own teacher,  will invite others to join them and collaborate to develop further ideas in the live hackspace.  Activities will include:

  • Getting creative with capacitive touch using electric paint and Touchboard (ideas below)
  • Developing games and controlling devices using Makey Makey
  • Exploring and designing personalised ‘wearable tech’ using Codebug
  • Using Sonic Pi as a visualisation tool to code musical compositions with scientific data
  • Racing Cannybots as another way to explore contextual modelling
  • Collecting health data and looking at creative visualisation possibilities with the Young Pioneers
  • Getting creative (and possibly slightly mischievous) with Raspberry Pi and Pi-Cam project possibilities

Ideas to share as a taster before the conference?

This week the students have been finalising capacitive touch projects which are focused on creating resources and models to support revision.  Groups have each selected their own topic from their Y10 course.

One group has taken the electromagnetic spectrum as it’s stimulus; another space and planets.


                   Revision notes as a starting point 

The group looking to add ‘modern learning’ (their words) to breath new life into Photosynthesis have been investigating ways to explain areas and share learning tips.

Their ideas have a waft of reminiscence from the BBC Adventure Game (circa 1986…eek) as they take a song, a plant and some nail varnish as core elements to design and create their model.

This time it’s not the BBC Microcomputer but a Touchboard that’s launching their interactive designs.  And the plant will need to be more sturdy than an aspidistra if it’s to hold up to paint and clips : )


      An aspidistra, nail varnish and a tune

Did you know that the pilot show for Adventure Game included a planned activity using salt water to conduct electricity?  It was pulled.  How times change……

Hope you can join us to find out more about how Research and Play is supporting teachers across the curriculum through creative computing projects.  You can register here for your free ticket.

Technology for Change Conference – 7th July in Hull

The Technology for Change (free) conference is coming to Hull in July with a range of interactive workshops, CPD designed for teachers and a live Hackspace where students will be collaborating with creative computing projects.

We’re delighted to be joined by Dr Sue Black who will deliver the keynote.

Technology and social media are changing our world. What does this mean for a digital future in our schools, local communities and beyond?

Sue is now one of the top 50 women in tech in Europe and will talk about how she brought her family out of poverty and built a successful career through education, passion and a determination.

Throughout the day there’ll also be practical sessions themed around computing across the curriculum, Google Classroom, E-safety, School in the Cloud and our iPad Academy.

tech for change logo

                                       Click to book your free place

And another event!

On Monday 6th July, between 18:00 to 19:30, why not join us for a Tech Meet Meet Up at the Mercure Hull Grange Park Hotel in Willerby?

We’ll be talking about how #techmums has impacted on families and mums in Tower Hamlets and how we can bring the project to Hull.

Dr Sue Black will explain the beginnings of #techmums and research findings from Brunel University.   Amongst other things : )

We’ll also likely get onto her work with Saving Bletchley Park and social media as a positive tech tool, as she joins us in Hull before her kenote speech at the venue the following day.

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