Tinker, Thinker, Maker, Pi

What’s this project? What’s your question?  

Research & Play through Computing 

Over the last year or so we’ve supported an evolving pedagogy when supporting teachers from the ‘What? How? Why?’ approach of teaching ICT to the ‘Why? How? What?*’ model with Computing.

Following activities and events to develop ideas from the Maker Education Movement, we’ve received requests to progress and share ideas from teachers across the curriculum. And also from across the city.

That sees us tapping into the imaginations of teachers and students from every subject area as we launch Research and Play for Hull project schools.


Students and teachers will develop innovative ideas, to solve real world questions, using Bare Conductive materials from our Phase 1 Pure Imagination Project Boxes.  That’s what teachers will take back to their schools.

A couple of ideas of what’s possible? A starter for 10?   Here’s a peek into Russell’s planning with some of his schools.  What will your focus be?

A musical twist with a pentatonic keyboard?

Or how about a literary tale through a comic strip?

What’s next?

We’ll support you to develop ideas using the computational thinking route and provide you with the necessary resources to evidence Computing across the curriculum. Creatively and innovatively.  You’ll take your own Pure Imagination Project box back to your school.  Look out for an email with further details.

After the first project your school will be able to tap into different innovation boxes for progression onto more activities to answer more questions.   What will you learn from others and how will the network share and develop your ideas and imagination?

This is only the beginning….

How open is your imagination? And what’s your question?

It’s #PureImagination :)

* Link to Mark Dorling’s ‘From ICT to Computing’ presentation where Why, How, What is explained further