Questions for now, questions for tomorrow and questions for the future. Supporting Computing in schools.

How have we been supporting schools, teachers and learners to plan and deliver the Computing Curriculum In Hull?

Fundamentally by listening to teachers and then developing an evolving programme of CPD, training and student events focused on supporting Computing.

We’ve supported teachers and students through creativity, innovation and by exploring computational thinking and problem solving across themed topics from the wider curriculum.

Most recently Kingswood Academy hosted the first Jam Packed Computing Festival in the city. A tour which started in Hull on Friday 21st November and will now travel to another 17 communities, in the North of England, over the next 18 months.  This was funded by a number of supporting organisations including the DfE and Raspberry Pi Foundation.

The aim of the event was to build on previous support and opportunities to inspire and engage the digital creators of tomorrow and at the same time to develop outstanding teachers of Computing.

Comment from the Head of School?

“Superb – the level of engagement on such challenging tasks is brilliant to see”.

What’s next?

Enrichment activities have been a particular focus as schools and colleagues have requested support with the ‘tinkering’ opportunities that an enrichment club and projects can offer across the curriculum.

Linking that evolving pedagogy which we’ve seen evidenced through the Maker Movement in education, and now highlighted through the Computing curriculum, we’ve launched new project opportunities to support schools’ visions for learning.

For some that’s been across the curriculum; not just in the STEM subjects. And we’ve called it ‘Research and Play’.

How could that support plans through the CPD programme? *


How could those projects evolve?  What about skills, knowledge and tech?


And what about those schools considering those vital questions about tomorrow and exploring the internet of things?   How could that look in schools?  Now?


Look out for more posts as these projects evolve in schools.

* Resources and references taken from:

Invent to Learn by Gary Stager and Sylvia Martinez

Terms of Service by Michael Keller and Josh Neufeld



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