Summertime building time with Rapiro and Raspberry Pi – More peer to peer learning

Back in the Summer term we invited schools to submit a project proposal if they wanted to invite Rapiro into their school for a term.  The only proviso was that their plan supported an inclusive approach to offer Computing opportunities and aspirations for all students.

Sirius Academy wanted to use the Rapiro to extend their projects with the Raspberry Pi.  In particular they wanted to explore how its use through the enrichment programme could extend to a wider audience.  Students in the Computer Science Club would program the robot to carry out various tasks and then showcase the results at House assemblies for a week.

Once in school the plan with Rapiro evolved. It was the academy’s Subject Leader for Computer Science who took responsibility for planning out projects and initially building the robot. This role is a student responsibility and for this subject the student is in Year 11 now.

Here’s an update for the first half term as a guest blog post by the student.  They had to lead a session with teachers from the department to look at possible projects and potential learning outcomes so look out for more developments as we approach Christmas!

Rapiro help