Big Bang Science @ Kingswood Academy (#ResearchAndPlay)

How has The Kingswood Academy developed its exciting learning activities delivered through their peer to peer programme this year?

Students and teachers involved in STEM and Computing activities; notably Raspberry Pi Club, STEM Club and Science-led Computing challenges, have reflected on their achievements and together planned and delivered a day for their partner primary schools.

Visiting the Big Bang Science regional event in June, and winning the Yorkshire & Humber Computing project competition, confirmed their thoughts that practical STEM challenges could be an engaging way to involve younger children with their programme.

Here’s a short video highlighting just some of the many activities offered at the event.  It’s based on the Computing challenges only here, so look out for the numerous Science based projects. You might even have heard some of them from afar!

Background to Research and Play as a hashtag?   That emerged after conversations in Kingswood Academy around how, why and what.

It fits with an evolving pedagogy which we see evidence of through the Maker Movement in education and now highlighted through the Computing curriculum.  It supports continuing plans for professional development and a vision for learning.  Across the curriculum, not just in the STEM subjects.

And the creator of the phrase?   That’ll be the head at the Academy : )