Data Visualisation: Projects, thoughts & review

Big data and visualisation techniques?   In education?  For student projects?  

With students’ own data?   How and why?

Supporting teachers with creative and innovative projects and enrichment activities continues to be a common theme through CPD plans, particularly developing activities with the new Computing curriculum.

One such area has been with data, and often to understand the opportunities that big data, open data and visualisation techniques can offer in an educational setting.  Moreover, to consider how data from real world situations can be used in a stimulating and creative way.

From the Computing programme of study for key stages 3 and 4:

  • undertake creative projects that involve selecting, using, and combining multiple applications, preferably across a range of devices, to achieve challenging goals, including collecting and analysing data and meeting the needs of known users

Over the coming months we’ll be posting updates of individual projects, but for now here are some examples of what’s being planned and evaluated:

  • The use of online tools to create infographics to visualise data and consider ‘visualisation literacy’. Evaluating what makes an effective visualisation and how data can be presented for a particular purpose.  Either students’ own data or accessed from another source.
CPD in Hull 2013-2014 V1A

Infographic example

  • How sonification tools can be utilised for a collaborative project looking to link music with Computing.  Sonic Pi using a Raspberry Pi is just one example of how sonification can be used as a creative visualisation technique with data.
  • The use of new technologies to collect data, particularly wearable tech to collect health data by students themselves, and consider the best tools to visualise what’s collected.

More examples of tools, appropriate hardware, inputs and outputs on the document link below, which will need to be magnified.   What started out as a planning document has helped to map out available resources and creative examples, and will be refined as more projects are completed:

Visualisation Tools

Click on the image for the Popplet


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