Year 10 take on Computing Challenges during ‘Creative Context Learning Week’

The teachers at Kingswood Academy asked us to support with planning and some delivery of activities during their creative week this July.  What started out to be a fairly small scale project soon became ambitious.


We realised during initial planning that we had the strength of student voice from their Pi Club experiences and we could also build on expertise internally which has developed throughout the year.  Bringing a team together with external specialists we were able to prioritise potential challenges and consider how a ‘Research and Play’ model could help with planning for next year’s curriculum too.IMG_1605

A perfect opportunity to evaluate projects through enrichment activities which can later be modified and included in future medium term plans.  And another perfect opportunity to acknowledge the academy’s Principal for initiating the ‘Research and Play’ movement!

Student achievements and recognition in STEM is a key focus at Kingswood Academy. It was important to build on these links internally and with the regional STEM Schools’ Liaison Manager for Hull.  With that brought opportunities to incorporate evidence towards Crest Awards throughout the week if appropriate challenges were launched and students designed their own projects from the starting brief.


Objectives for the week:

  • To raise aspirations and inspire future careers in STEM roles
  • To support decision making Post-16
  • To encourage creativity in the curriculum through innovative use of technology
  • To use ‘Research and Play’ as a mechanism to evaluate Computing projects for next year’s curriculum
  • Widening participation opportunities through the ‘Opening the door’ project

Challenges set:

Wearable Tech –  Gemma + Neopixels + Imagination = Wearable Tech


Game-Makers  & Play, hack, share – Game design, creation, debugging and making the connection with Makey Makey to control games


Hack Day using Mozilla Hackasaurus IMG_1613

App Inventor ChallengeDay – Design, build and showcase mobile apps



Student comments

“Thank you so much for providing the students with such a great experience this week.  The students really have been challenged, and produced some fantastic work”