Exploring Computational Thinking through Magic

A group of Year 9 students from Winifred Holtby Academy used the art of magic to consider and discuss key principles of computer science and explore computational thinking.

Card Trick

They watched a series of magic tricks from Jody Greig at Flummix and learnt to perform each one. Throughout the day the students experienced learning experiences based on saliency, logic, flow charts and design principles through the performance of magic.


During each learning session, the students worked collaboratively to create resources and showcase videos to share with peers.  They created an animation of a card trick using Scratch and then completed a series of iPad challenges with some outcomes using iMovie.


We also witnessed some naturally confident performers!

Card Trick to support Computational Thinking from Ed Team on Vimeo.

What did they like best?

  • The learning of the magic tricks with binary along with Science and ICT which is STEM
  • Mostly I enjoyed learning new things that I can go away and try on other people
  • Learning to do magic tricks and also experiencing iMovie
  • I enjoyed EVERYTHING about the day
  • I enjoyed learning the magic tricks which I can go away today and show people
  • I liked the magic tricks the most but also learnt a lot
  • Learning new things and magic


Most students commented about how they were going to try out their new found magic skills on friends and family, and they all recommended the event to peers.

How about describing the day, and what it meant to you, in just one word?


Why would they suggest the day as a positive experience to friends?

  • Because it was fun and you get to experience magic
  • Because it is a fun way of learning
  • Because it was fun and had maths in it
  • Because if they’re into Computer Programming this might help
  • It is fun and has been a change and unique from other lessons
  • It was really interesting and inspiring

The group have also used the project and challenges for evidence towards their Bronze Crest Award which will recognise their achievement with STEM.   Watch this space for the next Dynamo style illusionist stepping out from Hull : )