Encouraging Computing opportunities for all at Kelvin Hall School

The objectives for today’s event included raising aspirations in STEM subjects and creating opportunities and challenges to encourage and inspire tomorrow’s digital creators.

60 girls from Years 7 and 8 were invited to work collaboratively through a range of projects and all said in their evaluation comments that they’d recommend the event to their peers.  Here’s a selection and summary, with comments, about some of those projects and challenges:

Identifying cyberbullying

(Group activities to spot early signs, prevention and actions to take)


Hack the web

(Hacking web pages session with a twist using Mozilla Hackasaurus)

 Top Tips to share with others to protect against cyber security attacks

Top Tips to share with others to protect against cyber security attacks

Slices of Pi

(Challenges to inspire tomorrow’s digital creators)

 The most challenging & rewarding part of the day? #h2df Kelvin Hall, Hull pic.twitter.com/eqRvTNwYpe

Interactive Fiction Factory

(Creating and sharing resources with peers to raise awareness and develop strategies about cyber bullying)





Only one person had used a Raspberry Pi computer at home and that was “to program things and play games on it” when it was attached to a TV.


What did the students  enjoy the most?


  • I enjoyed learning about women in Computing and learning to hack
  • I liked all of it because the activities were amazing!
  • In my opinion the best bit was learning through playing and with free things that we can try at home
  • I enjoyed working all together as one big group and next splitting up to create stories
  • The interactive fiction story because it was fun and the sort of thing I like.  I enjoyed all of it though as it was different all day.
  • I enjoyed using Twine for story making because we used our imagination
  • Connecting all the wires to the Raspberry Pi computer and playing Minecraft
  • The choice game and putting the Raspberry Pi computer together
  • I enjoyed learning how to set up and use a Raspberry Pi
  • I really enjoyed hacking the BBC news and making a Father’s Day message
  • I liked the Minecraft because I’ve never done it before and it was really fun
  • The bit I most enjoyed was with the Raspberry Pi.  I didn’t know what one was and how easy it was to hack the web
  • Learning how to hack websites for good reasons in a good way
  • Hacking websites 🙂  It was fun to be able to do it although it’s worrying that others can do this
  • Hacking into the One Direction websiteIMG_1045

Have anybody been inspired to check out ideas after today?

  • Yeah!  Raspberry Pi!
  • I’m going to make my computer safer
  • I will try and hack and create an interactive story
  • I am going to buy a Raspberry Pi plus I am going to hack the internet for Father’s Day for my dad.  I might also make my own website plus my own story
  • I may try the hacking again and to send my dad a Father’s Day message
  • I would buy a Raspberry Pi and try out different things on Minecraft like the teleporting
  • I may have another go at hacking sometime but I will not publish it
  • I would like to try more Minecraft
  • I will probably hack and use Twine
  • Not sure.  If anything it will be hacking
  • MINECRAFT.  It’s amazing and I’ll download it.
  • I will try writing with Twine as I found it fun deciding on the ending
  • I will probably try almost everything from today

Why would they recommend the event to others?

  • Because it was really fun and it got everybody involved
  • It was awesome, fun, plus you learn a lot without realising it
  • It is a different approach to learning
  • Because you learn a lot and I wasn’t aware of hacking but now I am.IMG_1053
  • Because it was fun and showed danger and greatness about the internet
  • Because it helps you learn more and you can have a different experience
  • Because most people would like to play Minecraft and hack
  • Because it’s very useful and it’s cool to know it for everything you need.
  • It was plenty of fun and it really got me thinking
  • Its super fun
  • It was fun and makes you awar of the dangers of the internet
  • Because it tells people about internet safety
  • We learnt a lot.  It was worth getting out of class
  • Because it was really fun and interesting.  Also very different.
  • Because it shows you e-safety
  • Because it is a fun way of learning
  • It was a great experience to have.  I’m lucky I got picked!
  • Because it’s a fun way to learn things including e-safety
  • Educational, informative and a good laugh
  • Because it was awesome


Suggestions to improve future events.  How can we make the next one better?

  • I would like to learn more about Raspberry Pi
  • Who invented the computer?
  • Nope, it was fine just the way it was
  • You could extend the activities a little.  It got us really interested!
  • More time on Raspberry Pi, the interactive fiction and hacking parts of the day
  • Longer on Minecraft!
  • The consequences of hacking and teaching us how to hack different games as well as Minecraft.
  • Do different things on Raspberry Pi
  • Nothing needs improving.  I think the sessions should be longer!
  • Have longer for all of it, like two days.
  • More stuff with the computers.
  • I don’t think you could have made it better.
  • Not raise our hopes about being off school for an extra week!
  • I don’t know. It was all good!
  • More time to play on Minecraft!
  • More Raspberry Pi activities



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