Raspberry Pi Inventors – Crazy ideas (or not?!)

Students from Y7-Y10 worked with adults at the recent Jam to invent the craziest inventions with Raspberry Pi.  

They considered everyday situations and challenged each other to find new solutions using sensors and thinking about unusual locations.  Listen to some of the students describing their inventions for Alan’s podcast here.

IMG_0490 IMG_0482 IMG_0494

A personal favourite and perhaps the most ambitious?

The ‘Anti Jaffa Cake Theft Device‘.  Using a Pi and a movement sensor hidden in the jaffa cake, a wind turbine pops up if anybody tampers with the cake and blows the thief away.

A bit extreme?  The team motto was ‘Go big or go home!

IMG_0491     IMG_0492

Or how about a motion sensor inside of you that could send a photograph to Twitter when you hear music?   Dad-dancing alarm?

Here are a couple more examples from Alan’s Twitter feed:

Hmm… Not sure how useful this invention might be. @ITAMCHull Hull #rjam pic.twitter.com/r63poqSDsN


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