Inspiring the digital creators of tomorrow with a Raspberry Jam for KS3 students

This week over 50 students and adults joined together at an event themed around Play-Hack-Share, hosted by Andrew Marvell College.  

IMG_0573  IMG_0580

We welcomed back Alan to the city, who challenged teams with an array of Computing projects throughout the day, with more opportunities to see ‘pedagogy in practice‘.  Hear his podcast from the day here.

IMG_0570The evaluation comments toward the end of this post will go some way to summarise how the session inspired and supported with next steps towards

‘Supporting an inspiring and engaging Computing curriculum in Hull’.

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IMG_0568 IMG_0582

Throughout the day the students (and their teachers) worked in teams to solve hack day challenges, with activities planned to support collaboration and problem solving.  


Teams of children, teachers and STEM Ambassadors collaborated on the following:

  • Coffee Cup – what is exactly in there and why?!
  • Raspberry Pi Inventors – crazy ideas
  • Marble Racing – game hacking
  • Sabotage – debugging
  • Games Creation with Scratch, Python & Pygame
  • Minecraft – play, hack & share
  • Monk Makes – electronic experiments

IMG_0497  IMG_0529

First things first, which one word did they use to describe a Raspberry Pi?


What was the best thing about the day?  What did the students enjoy the most?

  • Working with other students and helping due to my previous knowledge
  • Programming the computer to ask a question and answer it with simple commands
  • The fact that we could talk to other schools and find out their knowledge
  • Doing Minecraft stuff and meeting other schools
  • When  we did the electronics stuff because it was a fun way to learn
  • Interacting with students for the activities and meeting other students
  • We got to hack lots and lots of games
  • Attempting the engineering of the Pi.  Furthermore I enjoyed the participation part instead of doing the same lessons as usual
  • I enjoyed everything today
  • Hacking the games and programming them
  • Getting the computer to talk and talk back to it.  I also liked the games like Wormy
  • The kit assembly and hacking the Python games
  • Hacking different games to make them my own
  • Minecraft programming and editing

IMG_0509  IMG_0521

Will the students be inspired to check out any ideas after the event?

  • I’ll try setting up Python on Twitter
  • I have been inspired to delve into more challenging tasks
  • I will try hacking on my own Raspberry Pi
  • I will try to do more coding
  • I will hack boring games to make them better games
  • I will try to make different things with Minecraft
  • I might buy a Raspberry Pi
  • I will create my own game

IMG_0529 IMG_0526

EVERY student attending said they’d recommend the day to their peers, but why?

17 students used the word ‘fun’ when asked to comment about their recommendation.  Examples below of how they’d describe their ‘Computer Science day’ to others:

  • It’s good to socialise with others
  • Because you can learn a lot and it is enjoyable
  • I learnt loads today
  • The easiness of the coding
  • It’s fun meeting others and new people
  • It’s fun and exciting
  • Because it’s lots of fun and educational
  • Fantastic day!
  • Because it involved the audience with everything
  • It’s inspiring
  • It gives you a lot of detail about Pi!
  • Because it was really interesting and fun

IMG_0558 IMG_0562IMG_0563 IMG_0573

What about the adults? What did they like best?

  • Challenging the children to modify code
  • Basically every activity presented today with hands-on experience
  • Variation of activities and the way it was presented
  • Hands-on session with Python and Raspberry Pi.  Good to see how pupils interact with Python and Pi
  • Format and nature of the activities
  • Learning something new
  • Alan was fantastic and really allowed the day to flow well and be engaging for students
  • Spending 1:1 time learning with pupil
  • Excellent day for staff development and pupils
  • All schools should have chance to participate in similar events
  • Fluid hacking, multiple projects and teamwork
  • Alan’s delivery

IMG_0536  IMG_0578

Huge thanks to the teachers at Andrew Marvell College who helped to organise such an exciting event and special mention to their students from the Pi Club.

This group worked tirelessly during the day (and the previous afternoon!) to capture the activities with their Raspberry Pi Spycams and coding for timelapse.  

Here they are showcasing their Karaoke project to students from another school interested to hear more for their own club 🙂

IMG_0532  IMG_0533


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