How is ‘the Cloud’ supporting Home Tuition for Children with Medical Needs?

The Home Tuition Service for Children with Medical Needs has started to evaluate how Office 365 and RM Unify can be used to enhance and extend their students’ learning.  

Their fundamental aim is to maximise the ‘learning time’ for students and to see how the online resources and tools can support their learning and teaching provision.

Here’s how they’ve planned to evaluate the resources to meet educational priorities:

Supporting individualised learning

  • Quick secure access for students and adults to commonly used web resources via RM Unify
  • Students can hand in work and tutors comment upon and mark it using Document libraries.

Supporting literacy and independent reading

  • Easy and engaging access for students to relevant books using RM Books

Sharing and collaborating

  • Students can access and engage with tasks anytime-anywhere using Office 365 Team Sites
  • Tutors and students can communicate outside set contact times using discussions and Newsfeeds

We look forward to learning more about the impact of their project.


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