Pi in the Sky for Hull Schools?

Well I haven’t come across a Raspberry Pi in the Sky project in one of our schools, yet, but there’s lots of creativity being planned across the city with these mini-computers.

A small group of our teachers received some training before Christmas to support with using Raspberry Pi to deliver the curriculum and through coding clubs for extended student projects.

The aim of the day was to find out what a Pi was, what it wasn’t, how they could be used for learning and why.   A big ask?

One teacher commented about the ‘Well planned and organised day“, whilst another said it was “An absolute inspirational boost that many people need“.   Have you added CPD to support the new curriculum with Pi into your development plans yet?

Here’s a snapshot of comments from teachers.  You’ll see that technology’s not always the best medium to collate ideas!


Pi 2 Pi 3

There’s another opportunity for CPD at the ‘KS3 Raspberry Jam’ in Hull on 20th March.  Look out for the earlier blog post with more information, and register yourself and 3 students to attend the day at Andrew Marvell Business and Enterprise College.   It’ll be another opportunity to observe Alan O’Donohoe’s inspiring delivery and network with colleagues and STEM Ambassadors across the city about ideas for an engaging Computing curriculum.

Want inspiration for student projects using Pi?

Babbage Bear

The Pi Group from Andrew Marvell will be displaying their projects and activities throughout the day and there’ll be the chance to ask them about their next steps with Pi and Lego. They’ve also kindly agreed to film the day for us, using Raspberry Pi (of course!), which means that a time-lapse video will be available as a resource afterwards.

We’ll be capturing ideas from all of our schools on the day and sharing great examples of innovative projects.

I know that some of you are starting and continuing with clubs and projects this term, so it’ll be another great opportunity to collaborate.  Need some support?  We’ll add it to the CPD plan!

What will you call your Pi Bear at your school?   Will it still be Babbage once the students learn about more Computing legends?  Ada seems like a popular choice at the moment!

Hope to see you at the Jam!


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