Computing at School (CAS) Hub for East Riding and Hull

Computing At School

This week I met with Sam Knott and his colleagues at South Holderness Technology College in Preston, near Hull.   Sam’s our local CAS Hub Leader and it was great to be able to talk about the exciting events, networking opportunities and CPD sessions planned in the area over the coming months.

South Holderness Technology College have been delivering Computing courses for a couple of years now.  At the next CAS Hub meeting for teachers’, on Wednesday 5th February, there’ll be a chance to hear about their experiences of introducing the new curriculum, alongside the experiences, questions and comments from other local teachers.

If you’re currently planning to teach the Computing POS from September 2014, check out this CAS Hub meeting at the College.  The agenda and link for registration is here, and you’ll see that this twilight will particularly focus on planning for KS3.

Have you signed up to the Computing at School (CAS) yet?   Click on the image below to start the registration process that’ll let you join the growing online network of Computing teachers and specialists and enable you to access fantastic curriculum support and resources.





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