“Inspiring the digital creators of tomorrow – Teaching computational thinking through magic”

For this event we’ll be using iPad technology with a magical focus to teach computational thinking.  In particular, we’ll be looking at exciting learning through the concept of algorithms.

Winifred Holtby Academy have kindly volunteered to host this whole-day event on Wednesday 18th June 2014.

top hat

As ever, students will be joined by a teacher from their own school who will be actively participating in the group projects throughout the day.  This time each teacher will be able to take away a copy of teaching resources in an E-book format to deliver, adapt and expand the sessions back at their own schools.

Event Overview (for students & teachers)

  • Using the art of magic to teach key principles of computer science and computational thinking
  • Use of iPad technology for learning with CPD opportunities for teachers
  • Based on material from the eBook, The Conjurer’s Classroom
  • Each section will focus on a different challenge using iPad tools

Conjurer's Classroom


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