Creativity with Computing

Playdough and Haribos to to support an inspiring and engaging Computing curriculum? Really?!


Some of our schools are just starting to ‘make the connection’ with some Makey Makey kits and they’re looking at cross-curricular Computing projects to inspire our engineers of tomorrow.

Watch this space to see how students in Hull use computational knowledge across the curriculum and consider if it does impact on their learning.

Will we see any budding artists making a connection with pencil drawings to control games that they’ve created themselves?  Or control their peer’s gaming adventure?

Will we see any musicians making a connection with music?

Will they use an idea from a primary colleague looking to bring Computing into an Electricity Topic?  

Creating a burglar alarm in the classroom, that was triggered by children’s footsteps on a piece of paper placed on the floor, led to learning conversations about inputs and outputs.

Why did the pencil drawing on the floor trigger the left click when they stepped on it?  How did the webcam take a photograph of the ‘burglar’ automatically?  What was the output?

If you’d like to explore now, take a look at the video below:



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